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Data Analysis & Compilation

serving Higher Education - Healthcare - Government/Foundations - Corporations

Herman/Strauss/Neuhauser & Associates, Inc. , HSNA,  provides transformational business strategies for managing the research portfolio in the highly competitive landscape of research and healthcare organizations. Its main expertise resides in organizational and operational aspects of academic institutions, research organizations, public-non-profit-private research partnerships, technology commercialization and identification of federal, non-profit, industry and philanthropic support for research.

Particular strengths of the firm are in guiding the development of competitive and collaborative research strategies, effective research regulatory, integrity, and compliance programs and practical approaches to managing the data life cycle.

Our firm also focuses on strategies for the management of research data across the data life cycle, including the development of policies and practices for data governance, data access, data sharing, workflows for data analysis, and data storage with the goal of creating high quality, reusable data and documentation for the public and scientific community. This includes the development of policies and practices across multiple public and private entities to protect proprietary data in ways that allow use in research without compromising confidentiality of the data.

We Specialize in Data Research & Problem-Solving for These Industries


Higher Education

Higher education is being challenged to articulate its value proposition as a major contributor to society. Increasing tuition and fees leading to crippling student debt, growth in administrative . . .


Healthcare & Biotech

Much research is conducted outside of institutions of higher education, in healthcare organizations and biotechnology companies. Our team provides individually tailored . . .


Governments & Foundations

To continue to support the research capabilities that our country has built, additional/alternative funding source(s) (e.g., business/industry (B&I), philanthropy, foundations and other non-profits . . .



Cooperative partnerships among corporations, institutions of higher education and nonprofits will allow for continued investment of significant resources in the support of research . . .

Four Easy Steps to Your Business Success

  • Our skilled consultants ask the right questions to get a clear and precise understanding of the issues.
  • Our experts will analyze all relevant data and partner participation to get an accurate view of all bottlenecks.
  • Upon analysis our team will align the data to formulate the required solutions for each partner.
  • And finally we present our findings and detail the resoltions.

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